Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the fifth batch of national specialized and sophisticated " Little Giant " enterprises, and our company was on the list.

  "Specialized, sophisticated" is a key project implemented by the State to guide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, and to continuously improve the quality and level of development of SMEs. State-level " Little Giants" enterprises of specialization, specialization and innovation refer to the leaders and outstanding enterprises with the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, differential and innovation", as well as the leading enterprises that focus on niche markets, have strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, serve the key links of the industrial chain, and have excellent quality and benefits, and are the leading enterprises with good quality and benefits. It is also a leading enterprise with focus on niche markets, strong innovation ability, high market share, mastery of key core technologies, service in key links of industrial chain and excellent quality and efficiency, and it is the highest and most authoritative honorary title in the evaluation of national small and medium-sized enterprises.

Being accredited this time means that the remarkable achievements made by B&E in the field of high-performance medical device testing and analysis by following the national strategic direction have been recognized by the authority, and it also marks that our company has reached a new level in the field of in vitro diagnostics in terms of advancement, creativity and so on.

In the future, B&E will continue to promote the development strategy of the enterprise, further enhance the innovation ability of the enterprise, increase scientific and technological research and development, take the road of " specialized, sophisticated" development, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry and the region!