"i-Check handheld blood gas electrolyte analyzer new product launching conference" was successfully held

On May 26th, i-Check handheld blood gas electrolyte analyzer new product launching conference" was held in Crowne Plaza Nanshan Hotel, which was attended by officials from various departments of the city government, including health department, science and technology bureau, development zone management committee as well as experts from top hospitals in Yantai and Weihai area.

Zhang Huili, the director of Science and Technology Bureau, gave a welcome speech for the launch. She fully affirmed the accomplishments of B&E Bio-Technology achieved in the field of biosensor in recent years, and encouraged B&E Bio-Technology people to take the new blood gas launch as an opportunity to continue to work hard, accelerate development, create innovation in medical diagnosis industry, and make more contributions to the development of Yantai. Then the representatives of R&D department introduced the R&D history, instrument performance characteristics, clinical comparison results and trial sales of i-Check blood gas analyzer. Director Tian of ICU of Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital Laishan Hospital, Director Lu of Anesthesiology Department of Zhifu Maternal and Child Hospital, and Manager Huang of Yanwei District of Ruikang Pharmaceutical made brief speeches as representatives of clinical comparison units, end users and distributors respectively, all of whom fully affirmed and recognized the performance of our i-Check handheld blood gas analyzer.

Finally, President Zhang made a concluding speech and expressed his gratitude to the leaders and guests, introducing the company's history and current business development, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and experts at all levels for their support and assistance in the development of the project, and expressing the company's confidence in the future performance of the i-Check blood gas analyzer in the domestic and international markets.

i-Check handheld blood gas electrolyte analyzer is the first handheld dry blood gas independently developed by B&E Bio-Technology, integrating microfluidic control, integrated electrode, standard liquid microencapsulation and other technologies, the instrument handheld design. It can be widely used in ambulances, field hospitals, bedside and other application scenarios. B&E has completed the preparation of mass production of instruments, test cards and trial sales test while the conditions for large-scale sales are mature. B&E is formally inviting business cooperation from distributors in China and overseas markets.